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Martinsburg, WV 25401

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Community Meals Served Daily

Breakfast 7-730 (8-830 Sundays)
Lunch 11-12 (12-1 Sundays)
Dinner 4-5 Everyday
Can you give today?

$10 = 3 Meals
$20 = 6 Meals
$30 = 9 meals
$100 = Meals and shelter for 5 days

Are you interested in volunteering at the Hope House? Click on the link and see the opening schedule. Any place on the schedule that is not blacked out, we can use you! Even if it is just for an hour a week, it would be a tremendous help! 

I started volunteering in June of 2023. This has been the most rewarding “job” I have ever had. This Mission is a family and each person that comes through these doors are special to us. We welcome everyone with a smile and get a warm smile in return. The staff are wonderful and great to work with. Mondays and Fridays are the best days of the week since they are my volunteering days. I also love to do craft activities with the families from the Haven House and community members. Our world starts with our community and my personal love of God has led me to this Mission and I thank Him each and every day. - Shelly

Looking to volunteer in Martinsburg, WV? Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission is looking for front desk volunteers. Our front desk volunteers help answer the phone, collect information from donors, and interact with those needing assistance. We need volunteers for both morning and afternoon shifts. 

I have had the privilege of volunteering at the Rescue Mission for the past 2 years. Believe it or not, Monday and Friday are my favorite days of the week! When I started, the people would come in with their heads down as they passed by the desk and of course I would say good morning to each one. After some time of greeting them each day, they started to greet me…. SUCCESS. Since then they would stop and talk. I have learned their names and always make each one feel special. There is so much reward in making a difference in someone’s life. Seeing the men that are residents as they start the program and watching them grow and seeing them in a few months is priceless. It makes me smile to think I might have a part in their recovery. You asked me why I volunteer, I love helping people, I care and I love to make a difference. But honestly this Mission and my guys have done more for me than I have ever done for them. So if you want to make a difference, come and volunteer at the Mission. I promise that it will be the best decision ever. - Donna
At 6:00am I am always greeted with smiles of those glad to see me. I gladly work in the kitchen and help serve breakfast and lunch. Very rewarding to return smiles. - Jenny

Looking for Volunteers to Work in Our Kitchen for Food Prep and Serving

Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission is seeking groups and individuals to help in our kitchen. Volunteers would enjoy helping prepare and serve a meal for those in need throughout the community. We serve around fifty for breakfast, one hundred for lunch and one hundred for dinner. Our mission serves three meals a day seven days a week. If you are a business, church group or civic organization, contact us today.

A great way to help our community is by volunteering in our Thrift Store.

Thrift Store Volunteers Needed at Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission

Would you like to volunteer at our thrift store? Our thrift store is the perfect place for someone who loves to interact with the public. Those who volunteer help customers with questions, keep things stocked and organized, and spread the Salvation message. Volunteers are needed Monday – Saturday 9am-4pm. If interested in becoming a volunteer, contact us at (304) 263-6901 or fill out the form below. Please note: A “no” answer for the Criminal Background Check automatically disqualifies you from all volunteer opportunities.