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Community Meals Served Daily

Breakfast 7-730 (8-830 Sundays)
Lunch 11-12 (12-1 Sundays)
Dinner 4-5 Everyday
Can you give today?

$10 = 3 Meals
$20 = 6 Meals
$30 = 9 meals
$100 = Meals and shelter for 5 days

Pastor Tim is thrilled to revisit Ukraine with the support of your prayers and financial contributions. He is scheduled to depart in mid-March and return in mid-April. During his time there, he will reunite with missionary colleagues from For God’s Children International. Your donations will contribute to:

  • Providing food and medical aid to displaced refugees

  • Setting up a base for a refugee center in Moldova

  • Implementing a water filtration system


Would you be able to assist with this journey by making a donation today?

Our community meals are open to all who are in need of  food and are served three times a day


Breakfast 7-730 (8-830 Sundays)

Lunch 11-Noon (Noon – 1 Sundays)

Dinner 4-5 everyday 


Your support through food and financial donations is vital to helping us supply these meals. Can you help today with a donation? 

The Mission Provides a Guest Shelter and Rehabilitation Programs for Men

The Rescue Mission operates a guest shelter for up to seventy-eight men. Our current facilities have the capacity to provide shelter for up to 78 men. The men receive room, board, clothing, and toiletries.

We also provide four residential programs for our residents. Our programs include guest, residential rehabilitation, employment, and staff. The purpose of these programs is to prepare the residents to become responsible productive members of that society. Many participants have no family support and are ineligible for social services or health care programs.

We Welcome Donations at the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission

Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission does not receive government funding. We rely on the generous partnership of local churches, individuals, and businesses throughout the Martinsburg community. 

Help support Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission’s Homeless Shelter in Martinsburg, WV