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Sometime ago I was approached by Cindy of the Morgan County Homeless Coalition here at the Mission. I spent time talking with her and gave her a tour of our Mission Campus here at 608 West King Street. She later got back to me and invited me to visit with her and others from Morgan County.

I had no idea what God had planned through this meeting with Cindy.

Cindy followed up with another meeting that I went to in Berkeley Springs and met with her and several others including Dick, the Board President of the Coalition. The conversation just took off and before I knew it, we were talking aloud to each other regarding working together in helping them go from a Winter shelter to a year-round homeless shelter.

From that point on Harry (Mission Board President), Dan (Mission Board Vice President) and I continued to meet many months with their appointed team from the Coalition Board about Morgan County merging into the Mission and becoming one with us. Both Boards agreed and voted for Morgan County Homeless Coalition merging into the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission.

Therefore, we are expanding the MURM Ministry to Morgan County, Berkeley Spring area through the Hope House of Berkeley Springs.

The Morgan County Homeless Coalition has been around for some time now in ministering to those that are homeless in Morgan County and beyond as a Winter Shelter. They have been blessed with an opportunity through a local Church to rent and restore part of the Church-owned property and turn it into a 9-bed unit year-round Women’s shelter.

I am excited to announce as of July 25, 2023, all official papers were signed by both board Presidents with the help of attorney George I. McVey from the law firm of Trump and Trump LC. We are now one ministry team joining together.

This is a very exciting year for all of us here at the Mission.

With this transition, we will have an official public passing of the baton on September 9.

I hope you can join us in these events of the passing of the baton from the Coalition to the Mission. The Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission will be ministering to all, the men’s shelter here at Pastor Crowe building 608 W. King St., the Transitional Housing to Homeless families “Haven House” 604 W. King St., and now the Women’s Shelter “Hope House” 47 Union Street Berkeley Springs.

Our goal is to officially start receiving women into the shelter no later than November 1, 2023.

I look forward to partnering with all of you in the Morgan County area and beyond. Taking part in Making Disciples for Christ through the Hope House and all the Mission ministries.

Please consider a special donation today to help those coming to the Hope House.

Please go online to the Martinsburg Union Rescue Mission and hit the donation button and mark your donation for the Hope House.

Also, please consider volunteering at the Hope House.

You can go online and hit the volunteer button today.

Thank you!

Hope Lives Here,
Pastor Tim Guerino
Can you help? As we expand our ministry in Morgan County, we are seeking the donation of a 12-passenger van to help with the transportation needs of the Hope House. If you or someone you know has a van in good condition that you would like to donate, please contact Pastor Tim today at [email protected]. Thank you!