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Community Meals Served Daily

Breakfast 7-730 (8-830 Sundays)
Lunch 11-12 (12-1 Sundays)
Dinner 4-5 Everyday
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$10 = 3 Meals
$20 = 6 Meals
$30 = 9 meals
$100 = Meals and shelter for 5 days

Guest Program

The purpose of the Mission’s Guest Program is to provide short-term shelter, food, clothing and orientation to the Mission’s Ministry Program.  This process an individual may stay up to 7 straight days.  During this time, they must show signs that they are working towards taking steps to move forward in their life circumstances by attending daily chapel, Discipleship class, participate in daily work assignments around the Mission, attend required classes during their 7 days stay.  During these 7 days staff will assess the person’s needs.  If that person’s needs can be met by the Mission, they will be offered the Rehabilitation Program.  If not, we will refer them to an alternative community program or organization that fits their needs.  Guest length of stay is generally limited to seven days per calendar month and a total of twenty-eight days per calendar year.  At any time, the Mission staff can extend the time of stay due to extenuating circumstances.

Rehabilitation Program

Spiritual Recovery Program: All person that enter any ministry program at the Mission are required to participate in the Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program.  A strict, no tolerance of drugs and alcohol atmosphere is maintained.  Every person that enters this program is required to attend our Discipleship Track classes.  We also have a Genesis Program for those who graduate from the Discipleship Track program and want to advance to the next level of their process.  Self-dignity is fostered through developing positive work ethics.  Social skills are developed through peer and community interaction.  Development of social acceptance is encouraged through community service interaction.  Participation in church, social and civic groups is strongly encouraged.


Support Program: is the primary program that every new person enters.  It is a Christian-based recovery program that restores structure and order through work assignments.  These assignments include warehouse helpers, kitchen preparing and serving meals, housekeeping, wood and furnace crew, thrift store, facilities and grounds maintenance, and as needed.

Jobs empowerment program

The Jobs Empowerment program allows individuals in our Residential Rehabilitation Program to secure employment outside the Mission. Once employment is secured, they may stay here at the Mission while employed outside the Mission for 180 days. At 90 days, the individual meets with the Mission Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor to evaluate their financial savings and assess their progress in transitioning from the Mission. The 180-day transitional date is a target and may be waived until the person is physically, mentally, and financially capable of living outside the Mission’s structured environment.

Staff Program

Designed to allow a person to continue in the Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program while providing avenues for increased responsibility and authority.  A participant in this program assumes a ministry staff position in administration, food services, housekeeping, transportation, store operations or facilities and ground maintenance.